Saturday, June 5, 2010

Father's day card

My first cricut project! For my dad. It speaks summer to me.


  1. Cute card, is this your first card on here too? I'm your first follower and you've just entered into my first challenge:0) Welcome to blogging! If you join my fan page or be my frind on FB, leave another comment and thats 2 chances. Go back and leave a comment for adding your card, because that will you 2 chances right now.

    I hope you have fun:) I started a few months ago myself and have learned a lot. And I've had a ton of fun doing it:0)

  2. Awesome job!!! I wont tell your Dad!! ;) I have a cricut too....just havent had a chance to use it!
    Blogging is fun by the way, I am trying to make an effort to blog more often! I think you will love it once you get going!!